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A Bit of History

The Township of Hemmingford is located in the south east corner of the County of Huntingdon, Québec. It sits between what was the Seignory of Beauharnois and Seignory of Lacolle. Prior to its survey in 1792 and 1793, the Township was called "Waste lands". The land was divided into Granted Lands (near the US border), Crown Lands and Clergy Lands. The Granted ones were to be given to the people who remained loyal to the British Monarchy during the American Revolution; the only cost to the settlers being the legal fees. The Crown and Clergy lands were bought by the settlers. The money from the sale of the Crown land was to go to the erection of schools and the money from the clergy land was to help build a Pension fund for the Clergy.

The official date of erection is March 18, 1799 (that is the date when the papers were signed by the Government representatives) although many settlers had been on their lots before.

The early settlers (other than the Loyalists) were mainly Scots, Irish and English. French settlers came in the early 1840s. On September 12, 1877, the Village of Hemmingford separated from the Township and has had its own Mayor and Council ever since.

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